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Alan Lechusza

Dr. Alan Lechusza, who holds a Ph.D. and is an Associate Professor in American Indian Studies at Palomar College, focuses his work on rethinking education and artistic expression from an Indigenous perspective. His research covers various forms of Native arts, like music, visual art, writing, and performance, and also involves creating critical theories that bridge Native and non-Native ideas and knowledge through lively discussions and interactions.

Dr. Alan is committed to using education and art to challenge and change the established power dynamics and beliefs rooted in colonial history. He aims to emphasize the importance of tribal sovereignty, fairness, and social and political justice through contemporary Native and Indigenous forms of expression.

Alan Lechusza, PhD, is an Associate Professor of American Indian/American Studies at Palomar College.  Dr. Lechusza has authored numerous articles and book entries that analyze and dismantle cultural references and representations of Native/Indigenous identity.  As a cultural critical theorist, Dr. Lechusza examines the dynamic intersections of philosophy and pop culture in order to deconstruct modalities of socio-political power and the expressed mechanisms of oppression.  

Alan Lechusza, Ph.D., has authored numerous articles and book entries that analyze, dismantle, critique, and explore representations and the significance of pop culture.  As a cultural critical theorist, Dr. Lechusza examines the dynamic intersections of philosophy with artistic expressions to deconstruct assumptive modalities of society and identity.


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